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Childcare Worker

General Description

The Childcare Worker position is responsible for watching and caring for children who are checked into their assigned classrooms during organized church events or activities.  This position is part-time and the schedule of hours may vary based upon the needs and ongoing events of the ministry.


Essential Job Functions

1.      Follow the instructions listed in the Childcare Guidelines document distributed at the time of hire.  Discuss any questions about the guidelines with the Childcare Supervisor

2.      Welcome all parents and children

·       Have Parent write down all instructions;

·       Check instructions periodically during shift for feeding times, nap times, etc.;

·       Utilize white board in the rooms to make lists for each child and mark off as completed;

·       Make sure all personal items have child’s name on them;

3.      Attention to Children

·       Stay alert and aware of the classroom activities;

·       Interact and engage in activities with the children in your assigned classroom;

·       Conduct the Bible story lesson or songs that have been prepared for each age group.  This should be started approximately 20 minutes after the class begins;

·       All children should be checked often and changed when wet or soiled;

4.      Clean your work area

·        Wipe down all toys, high chairs, baby seats, chairs, counter tops, sinks, gates, and any other things touched during the class with disinfectant wipes;

·        All toys and books should be placed neatly back on their shelves;

·        Paper for the tables should be changed as needed;

·        Vacuum floors and change the trash.  Trash is to be taken to the outside garbage.

·        Dirty blankets and linens should be placed outside the classroom door to be washed;

·        Return all borrowed items to their original rooms/locations;

·        Complete the check-out sheet for your classroom, initial it, and turn it into either the Childcare Supervisor or Lead on duty. 


Education and Experience

This position requires a person who loves Jesus and has a passionate heart for His children.  A year of service with the Paid Childcare team is preferred but not required.  CPR certification is preferred but not required.