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GC Kids Production Assistant

The GC Kids Production Assistant is a part-time position that will be responsible for leading motions/dance for Kids Worship including VBS and any special programming, creating large-group experiences, and coordinating a GC Kids class on Sundays.

Essential Job Functions

·       Lead worship experiences through dance or motion (non-singing) in our Kids environments with use of preselected worship videos.

·       Develop a leadership/worship team with older kids and hold rehearsals during the week.

·       Coordinate a Kids class as needed on Sunday including set-up, greeting, interacting with parents, volunteers, and staff, attendance, teaching, and clean-up.

·       Coordinate and lead worship for VBS including recruiting a team and holding rehearsals prior to VBS.

·       Communicate with worship teams and their parents.

·       Help format and edit large group lessons from curriculum for each GC Kids class.

·       Create games that coordinate with lessons for each class “Starter” time.

·       Download all large group videos to computers in each GC Kids class.

·       Be sure each Tech component is working properly prior to Sunday programming and notify our Tech team in a timely manner.

·       Shut down all Tech components in each GC Kids class after any Kids programming.  

·       Help set-up, prepare for, and help at other special programming events as needed.

·       Attend team meetings and all-staff meetings and events.

·       Adhere to all GC Kids Staff and Volunteer Policies and Procedures with keeping the safety of kids as a main priority.

·       Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Programming Manager, Children’s Director or the Family Pastor.